• 3DPARE

    This is a European funded project that aims to design, deploy and monitor innovative 3D printed concrete reef units which test a variety of different habitat features (different sizes of holes, tunnels and overhangs) to determine their attractiveness for marine life

    The task of the Dive Centre within this project is to assist with the seasonal biological surveys of the artificial reefs. Scientific dive techniques we use are: visual census of fish, macrofaunal and algae (species identification and abundance), photogrammetry, RUV and placing/removing environmental data loggers

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    Here an impression on surveying the artificial reefs in Matosinhos.

    Lusitanian toad fish (Halobatrachus didactylus)

    Octopus using the holes in the artificial reef as their home

  • Seaforester project

    This project aims to tests efficient planting methods for the population recovery of four native kelp species along the Portuguese coastline.

    For this project, the Dive Centre assists with the reforestation process.

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    Seaforester project

  • CETUS project

    CETUS Project is a cetacean monitoring program in the Macaronesian region that aims at collecting whale and dolphin’s occurrences to determine their distribution and abundance in this vast region of the Atlantic.

    The Dive Centre has been involved in placing and removing an underwater hydrophone for recording cetacean presence in front of the Douro estuary.

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  • OMARE project

    OMARE project